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Creative, select, branded merchandise solutions fitting your marketing strategy.

Whether you need help creating a marketing program for a special event or browsing for ideas, you’ve come to the right place and we look forward to assisting you with our expertise. Offering a wide variety of promotional products online, we are the solution you need to get your name out there. We suggest with a plan!

PromoCliks, founded in 2001 by Thomas Carroll, is a division of Mastirs, a strategic marketing advisory firm, and he has over 35 years experience in the branded merchandise industry. A second generation generation in the business of "promotional products" he started out in customer service with a US headwear manufacturer, Park Industries, he got the bug, as so many do. As the first National Sales Manager for Atchison Products®, he introduced the company to the industry. You can still find the brand as part of Bic Graphic. The adventure continued with Renaissance Publishing, a calendar publisher, whose product lines were later absorbed by Bic Graphic as well. As an independent manufacturer's rep, Thomas worked with companies like PromoCliks and their customers to create ideas fitting the strategy, including McDonalds, Proctor & Gamble, Chrysler, University of Notre Dame and countless business and organizations of all sizes in all types of industries. Taking a break from the travel, to spend a bit more time at home with family, he also served as VP Sales & Marketing for Tomax USA and Selco Time before giving up the road warrior label. In 2009 Thomas reaquired with the company and brought it into the Mastirs family.

This experience brings valued relationships with select suppliers, who have a reputation of producing quality items, at a fair price and meeting delivery schedules.  Our passion is to provide select branded merchandise solutions fitting your overall marketing objectives, not just another commodity item. 

Provide us with project parameters, or as much as you can, and we'll do the rest. (type of event, theme, recipients and budget, etc.) 

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